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Mega Bus’ best tips for overnight bus journeys

Sometimes travelling overnight is inevitable, especially when travelling long distances, and it can be unsettling. Travelling in the unknown at night isn’t always easy and we understand that. However, Mega Bus is here to set you at ease with our top safety and travel tips for overnight bus journeys.

Keep warm – Bring a blanket or wear a coat

Temperatures drop during overnight bus journeys so don’t be shy to bring your travel blanket on board. Alternatively you can wear a comfortable coat or parka to keep warm at night. This will also ensure some more comfort if you’d like to catch a few Zs.

Travel with a friend, preferably

Travelling with a friend of family member is always better than going at it solo. If you have an extra pair of eyes, you’ll travel much more comfortably. For instance, if you’re afraid to sleep, alternate sleeping shifts with your friend or sleep during day time. If you’re travelling alone, try to acquaint yourself with the passenger sitting beside you if circumstances allow it.

Choose your seat wisely

A window seat is always a good idea if you’d like to prop your pillow up against it or watch the passing lights to calm you down. Aisle seats allow you to stretch out a little more comfortably. The seats located towards the back of the bus makes for a bumpy ride while some passengers might find it uncomfortable sitting too close to the front window. Decide whichever seat will ensure the most comfortable travel experience.

Keep your valuables in a safe place

Many travellers advise that you stow your valuables in different locations. For example, keep your wallet in your jean pocket, credit card in your shoe in your suitcase, important documents in your carry on and so forth. Don’t carry a lot of cash in your wallet either, there’s no need. Rather keep a little bit of cash for when the bus stops on you and put your wallet away in a safe place. Avoid wearing flashy jewellery as well since it may attract unnecessary attention.

Energy drinks have multiple purposes

Not only can energy drinks serve as a means to stay awake during overnight bus journeys, it also replenishes your electrolytes. What does that mean? You can quench your thirst without having to run to the bathroom every other hour. It’s not necessarily the healthiest option though.

Bring earplugs and an eye mask if you wish

If you find it difficult to sleep, bring earplugs and an eye mask to cancel out the noise and movements. Adults respond well to lullabies too so why not put on your earphones and listen to your favourite music to lull you to sleep.


Travelling at night needn’t be frightening. See it as your next best adventure. The safety of Mega Bus’ passengers are always markets as top priority. Now you’re geared and ready to take on overnight bus journeys! Connect with us on social media and share your top travel tips with us.

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