Strange bus stops around the world

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Strange bus stops around the world

With all the strange things in our world, bus stops are surely not a common thought that pops to mind. That’s why we here at MegaBus have decided to show you a few of the little wonders hidden away across the globe.

Bus shelter in Everton, Victoria, Australia

Image credit: travelgame / getty images)

With such a unique stop, who wouldn’t want to wait for a bus. With the eccentric style, it is a tourist attraction for many. On top of it all, it would make for some great travelling photographs.

Bus stop in Denmark

Image credits: Morten Smidt / getty images

A rustic delight, that might as well provide a few shivers to some on great hollows eve. With its simplistic design and the accent wall piece of a deer’s antlers, its not difficult to see why this is one of the worlds strangest bus stops.

Roadside bus stop in Estonia

Image credits: space images / getty images

A colorful bus stop , with a small twist of autumn leaves. A sure delight to wait at such a picturesque atmosphere.

Bus shelter in Konagai, Japan

Image credits: Yuko Yamada / getty images

Being a huge watermelon with a wormhole to keep you safe from the weather, you can understand the urge to enter this lovely bus stop in Japan.

Stop in the shape of the National Kyrgyz hat, the Kalpak, Kyrgyz Republic

Image credit: Richard Radford / getty images

This is truly one of the most unique and special bus stops around the world. When looking at it, you can feel the wonder and amazement stemming from the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Unst Bus Shelter (also known as Bobby’s Bus Shelter, near the village of Baltasound, on the isle of Unst, Shetland, Scotland.

Image credits: Matthias Graben / getty images

Being a bus stop in Scotland, and you notice the colourful puffins – well – to say the least this is definitely one amazing bus stop. You feel the warmth just shining from this lil’ treasure.

Bus shelter on the road to the resort town of Pitsunda in Gagra district of Abkhazia, Georgia

Image credits: Amos Chapple / getty images

Looking like something from a sci-fi movie, a magic show from Vegas or a scene from a art nouveau movie, this bus stop will definitely have you in awe for a life time.

Bus shelter in Sankt Peter-Ording, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Image credit; Kerstin Bittner / getty images

A spooky serenity is captured with in this photograph of the bus stop in Germany. On the empty planes, seeming to be the middle of no-where, this antiqued bus stop will surely make your imagination run wild.

Bus stop in Northern Finland

Image credits: veger / getty images

Baring the same blue which is represented in Finland’s flag, this lil’ white, red and blue beauty is sure to grab your attention when passing by, with its unique architectural style, remarkably resembling many of Findland’s residential housing, you are sure to be left in awe discovering all the historical influences on this bus stop.

Stop in Russia

Image credits: Dmitrybunin / getty images

Sparking the thought of the famous animation Wall-E, or even a fleeting thought of war. This bus stop situated in Russia will let your mind run wild with wonder.


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