Memorable Bus Drivers from Movies and Television

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Memorable Bus Drivers from Movies and Television

Lorenzo Anello – A Bronx Tale

Despite Sonny’s claims that the working man is a sucker, Lorenzo provides a great example for his son by getting up to work hard every day in order to provide for his family and remaining a law-abiding citizen. This, coupled with the fact that Lorenzo will stand up to Sonny, earns him the respect of Sonny and, eventually, his son Calogero.

Ms. Crabtree – South Park

Ms. Crabtree was murdered by a serial killer in Season 8 of South Park, but while alive, she would often scream at the kids of South Park Elementary for no apparent reason. We don’t remember ever seeing her without a bird nesting in her hair.

Annie Porter – Speed

Sandra Bullock’s breakthrough role came when she played Annie Porter alongside Keanu Reeves in Speed. Annie had to maintain a speed of 50 mph while driving a city bus full of passengers or else bombs affixed to the bus would be detonated.

Chris Farley (uncredited) in Billy Madison

Chris Farley plays the unnamed bus driver in Billy Madison – he’s only on screen for a few minutes throughout the film, but he makes a huge impression in just that short time. For the most part, his character is crude, nasty, and completely stressed out (although driving around a busload of kids who throw sandwiches at him can’t be easy). He steals lunches from the kids and tries to sneak a look up the teacher’s skirt, although he does also get a happy ending with Mr. Penguin. But one of his most memorable moments is when he’s behind the wheel, and the kids just push him too far – after threatening to turn the bus around, he starts mumbling, cursing under his breath, and turns bright red with fury. It’s an amazing moment of pure stress, and it was completely improvised.

Otto Mann – The Simpsons

Otto Mann, known as Otto the School Bus Driver prior to Season 8 (and so stylized after Bart calling him “the Otto man” on several occasions), is a former school underachiever who now works as the bus driver for Springfield Elementary.

Red – Senior Trip

On route to Washington transporting a group of rebellious teens. Red suddenly dies, apparently from a drug overdose, and the bus nearly plows into a lake.

Rick Gassko – Bachelor Party

Before being subjected to debauchery and participating in multiple felonies alongside his friends, Rick Gassko drives a school bus to and from a Catholic school run by nuns. Rick’s not big on discipline, though, and once they kids are far away enough from the school, he lets them do pretty much whatever they want. He even lets them gamble, so long as he gets 10% of the cut.

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