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Exploring Madiba Inspired Spots with Mega Bus

Wondering what else you can do for Madiba Day besides charity work? How about you visit places that will remind you a little about and what Madiba stood for during his lifetime. Let Mega Bus show you some of the best places to go!

Liliesleaf Farm, Johannesburg

It was here that a group of senior ANC members were arrested during a police raid [Mandela was already in prison at the time of the raid] in 1963 for planning to overthrow the apartheid government. Nelson Mandela was one of the ANC members who used this farm as a place to meet and hide. It is regarded as the birthplace of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the ANC who fought against the government.

The farm had been bought by the South African Communist Party to use a safe house where the Goldreichs lived as ‘white owners’ of the building.

Today it is a tourist attraction. There are guided tours, a conference centre for hire, a museum and a refurbished house to visit. There’s an interactive table that allows you to experience video, images, audio and text in a 3D interface.

Cool right?

 The Nelson Mandela Bridge, Johannesburg

Officially opened by Nelson Mandela in 2003, it is the largest cable-stayed bridge in South Africa. It is 284m long, starts virtually at the end of Jan Smuts avenue and links Constitutional Hill Precinct in Braamfontein to the cultural precinct in Newtown. It cost R38 million and it took two years of construction to cross over the 40 railway lines that lie spread beneath its span.

At night the bridge is a magical light that brightens up the sky, its majestic length dominating the horizon in, amongst the city skyscrapers and viewed from the M1 highway by countless South Africans and visitors.

Sharpeville Human Rights Precinct, Johannesburg

It holds many heart-breaking memories and is home to the memorial at the human rights precinct. In 1960 during apartheid, a large unarmed group headed to the police station with the intent of protesting, against carrying pass books. The police didn’t know what to do with the crowd and out unfounded behaviour, opened fire on the citizens. 180 were injured and 68 of them were killed.

This act was known as the Sharpeville Massacre. Sharpeville day is the same day as Human Rights Day in South Africa and was also proclaimed as International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination by the United Nations.

Ohlange Institute, Inanda Kwazulu-Natal

On April 27 1994, As President of the ANC, Nelson Mandela chose to cast his vote at Ohlange Institute, a school founded by John Langalibalele Mafukuzela Dube, who was the first President of the ANC.

The late Mr Dube, who was both an ordained minister and politician built Ohlange Institute himself [Ohlange means ‘where all nations come together’]. It was no ordinary school, it was a school built and managed by black South Africans at a time, when it was thought that black people couldn’t manage nor develop institutions on their own. The school concentrated on, education, skill development and promoting independence amongst the students.


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