Introducing the world’s longest buses

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Introducing the world’s longest buses

Buses are so … plain. Even our fleet of luxury coaches can be ordinary to the eye. We’ve seen it all before, but hey! Great interior! When you are hiring a bus through Mega Bus, you can expect quite an extraordinary bus at an ordinary price. Will it be something special? Well through our special service it will. Will it be a normal bus? It will be a normal bus with that luxury twist. What we can say however, is that it won’t be a super pimped out bus and it won’t be a super long bus. We won’t do this because we care about your safety. We do, however, care about your entertainment too. It is for this reason that we bring you the world’s longest buses for your enjoyment. It might not be the safest vehicles to transport your group in but it sure is fascinating to look at. Without further ado, here are the world’s longest buses (please remember that we don’t have any of these in our special fleet).

The AutoTram Extra Grand

The AutoTram Extra Grand is a multi-sectioned bus that was unveiled in Dresden, Germany, in 2012. Measuring at 30,73 metres long, 2,55 metres wide and 3,4 metres tall, this bus is a caterpillar you need to see. It is mainly used for public transport and has a capacity of 256 passengers.

Bendy (articulated) buses

Much like the caterpillar example above, articulated buses are public transport modes that usually consists of two sections in single-deck design. The name “articulated buses” originates from its single pivoting joint (articulation). This design allows the bus to carry more passengers whilst maintaining its handling on the roads. The term “bendy buses” are thanks to the English-speaking world who coined terms such as tandem buses, stretch buses, double buses, banana buses, wiggle buses, caterpillar buses, slinky buses and accordion buses.

Neoplan Jumbo Cruiser

Another form of articulated bus was the Neoplan Jumbocruiser. While this vehicle is very much similar to those above, it beat the normal perception of articulated buses by offering a double-deck, multi axle city couch. These buses were built by Neoplan Bus GmbH and were first introduced to the roads in 1975. It was 18 metres long, 2,5 metres in width and 4 metres in height. It was the first to reach the Guinness World Records as the longest bus with a capacity of 170 passengers.

Volvo 7900 Hybrid

While this articulated bus might be the same in every visible way (apart from its luxuriously modern styling) this is surely the future of articulated bus travel. It’s a hybrid bus which means the diesel engine is way friendlier to the nature surrounding the roads. It is surely the Go Green alternative to any of the above.
Do you know of any buses longer than those featured above? Please feel free to share it in the comments section below. If you fancy a more practical transport solution for a group of people, please feel free to contact us.


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