Why you should choose Mega Bus

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Why you should choose Mega Bus

Mega Bus has been used to transport groups of school children to and from field trips, workers to and from work and groups of people to and from various destinations across the country for years now.

Mega Bus specialises in providing passenger transport and logistics solutions to a diverse range of business sectors. It is both a safe and cost-effective transport solution.

Mega Bus is well used in the mining industry but its solutions can be implemented in a much wider spectrum.

Whether you are in government, responsible for arranging school transport or just a manager who would like to see all your staff get to work safely and on time, Mega Bus has the solution for you.

Here are some obvious benefits of choosing Mega Bus:


Mega Bus coaches comply with professional standards and every coach is inspected to ensure every journey is a safe one. Furthermore, every coach has a professionally trained driver skilled and prepared for all possible dangers that might lurk around the corner.


To further comply with the best possible standards, Mega Bus drivers are trained to ensure that all passengers reach their destination on time. Should there be a delay of any sort, Mega Bus will always aim to alleviate the problem in the best possible way; even if it means sending a second coach to minimise the delay.


Especially when working with groups, Mega Bus is a very affordable transport option. Simply make a financial arrangement with all passengers to contribute toward the overall cost of each trip.

Here are some benefits in choosing Mega Bus on a corporate level:

Maximise productivity

Staff that arrive for work late can be a major concern for your company’s productivity rate. The most common excuse or reasons for late coming is most probably transport issues or even unreliable modes of transport. To eliminate this, why not offer the option of bus transport to all staff, give them a monthly fee they should pay for their daily transport and pay that towards the overall cost of the transport service. By doing this, you can ensure that all staff arrive for work at the same time as well as on time.

Fairness to all staff

On the contrary, especially with lower paid staff, transport may be a legitimate issue. They sometimes travel from far and on a small salary, won’t be able to maintain a reliable vehicle or even own one. Why not do them a favour and give all staff equal opportunity to pay for reliable transport to and from work.

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