Top bus safety tips for kids

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Top bus safety tips for kids

MegaBus, one of the largest coach transport providers in South Africa knows all about safety on buses. While travelling alone with can have its challenges.


For this reason, MegaBus thought it best to provide you with safety tips to avoid dangerous situations.


Here are some bus safety tips if you to keep children safe while travelling by bus.


  1. Teach them to stay with their adult gaurdian

It is no secret, we are quite strict when it comes to children travelling alone. So, it is assumed that every child that boards our coaches are accompanied by a guardian. Teach the children travelling with you to stay with you at all times and make them understand the implications if they don’t. Children are easily abducted these days. But not when they are under your watchful eye. How do you effectively keep watch over a group of kids? Make sure they know that you are the one keeping them safe from being abduction. Make them understand that you are their safe place and that if they don’t drum around you during stops, they might face risks as serious as being abducted.


  1. Don’t distract the bus driver

A serious concern for any bus driver and the company he or she works for is being distracted on the road. We aren’t petty when we ask travellers not to engage with the drivers. It is with very good reason that we make this request. Our professionally-trained drivers are expected to be fully aware of the road and dangers along the way at all times. One little distraction might cause them to lose focus. While driving, losing focus for even a split second can have major consequences and impact many lives at once. Respect the drivers of our coaches by teaching your children not to distract them in any way during your trip. Teach children to remain seated at all times, not to make a lot of noise and most definitely not to move towards the driver’s compartment of the bus at any time during your travels.


  1. Know names, number and addresses

Lastly, make sure all children travelling with you know their own names, the names of their parents and their address for in case anything serious happens. During an emergency, it’s impossible to wait for information of any sort. In case you and/ or any other legal guardian aren’t available to provide information, the children should be able to. This will ensure that every person affected by any potential emergency, knows about the unfolding events as soon as possible. This won’t only help the children during the trip, but could save their lives elsewhere for instance, should they get lost or abducted.


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