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Best Bus Memes

Some of the funniest bus memes out there

Did you know?

According to Urban Dictionary, “struggle bus” is a metaphor used to “describe a difficult situation, as in hard schoolwork.” An alternative definition describes it as “the state of doing anything simple and struggling an inordinate amount with it.” Urban Dictionary featured “struggle bus” as the Word of the Day on Oct. 5, 2012.

A punny one indeed.

Just imagine the tour operator voice over the Pa system.

One of those answered philosophical questions in life.

Rough night?

We all know that one guy.

Dangerously close to being labelled as toilet humour, funny none the less

That face says it all.

You had one job…

That moment when you turn into Michael Jackson or a character from The Matrix.

Nice one buddy, hope you stayed to your luggage weight limit.

Board the bus, sit down, look sad, stare …

LMAO- They said YOLO!

When your road trip singing doesn’t really inspire the other passengers.

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